Enjoy the Benefits of a Connected Store

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Run Your Business More Efficiently

Actionable Data

Get a quick overview of your business using the dashboard. Actionable data like conversion rate, is easily accessible anytime, anywhere, so you can make quick and business-aligned decisions. 

Staff Optimisation

The right staff at the right time in the right place. Not as easy as it sounds. Gunnebo Retail Solutions interacts with all your store's systems to make sure everything runs smoothly. If something needs actioning, the software will let the appropriate member of staff know before it becomes an issue. Over time the software can also help you plan your resources according to historical data and upcoming events. 

Task Management

Limit manual checklists and breaches of communication, and ensure that tasks are executed on time by the right member of staff. Create tasks on the spot from the shop floor or set daily tasks according to your store policy. Tasks can be assigned to a group as well as an individual, and with a tick in the box you know the task has been completed. 


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In Control Regardless where You're at

Store Modes

Gunnebo Retail Solutions enables you to run your business smoothly. By separating the store day into phases - such as, pre-open, open, post-open and closed - you can automate processes by phase.

For example, when the store enters pre-open mode the lights are 70% strength and no music is played. Once the store enters open mode the music starts to play and light strength is at maximum. Staff will also be automatically directed to those areas where there are most customers.

Certain stages can also be connected to security rules, such as making the back office accessible during pre-open and post-open only.

Visitor Management & Follow-Up

Monitor visits to your stores and stay on top of who is onsite. By tracking your suppliers' arrival and departure times, the accumulated time spent on the premises can be compared with received invoices. Self-registration at a touch screen means staff do not have to manage visitors and can focus their attention on the customers.


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This is Smart Security

Security routines and policies are fundamental to maintain the required security level. However, they can sometimes be inefficient. Gunnebo Retail Solutions optimises store management without compromising the store's security level by bridging the gap between store operations and security routines. 

Fraud notifications

By capturing screenshots when an alarm is triggered and easily navigating through them in your archive, you can quickly identify the cause. This could be, for example, when an alarm is triggered on an EAS antenna, a specific door is opened, or the cash management system registered a large transaction. By automating the process of extracting evidence, manual routines are heavily reduced. 


In the Gunnebo Retail Solutions app you can also view your store's security installations on a floor plan and simply navigate to the specific problem area to determine the appropriate action or to change the system's set-up. 

One-time codes and Access

If someone with the appropriate authorisation is not onsite, Gunnebo Retail Solutions can be used to grant another employee temporary access to a specific door or generate a one-time code to a connected safe. This gives managers the flexibility that's sometimes needed without compromising the overall security level of the store.


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Reporting & Follow-Up is That Easy

Make sure your store is up to scratch for your customers and employees by ensuring compliance with your operational and maintenance policies. Gunnebo Retail Solutions enables you to quickly check that daily routines have been executed in line with corporate policy. 

For instance, cleaning and security routines can be monitored and their execution recorded in the system, enabling management to perform quick follow-ups. Rules can also be set which only allow the cash management cash storage unit to be opened, for example, when cash levels are low level.