An Omnichannel Experience

Give Your Customers a Seamless Experience

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Mobile Alerts

Delivering the right message at the right time to the right shoppers, is an ideal way to capture their attention and their spend.

Mobile alerts make this possible and can include anything from product announcements and/or personalized offers.



Mobile Info

Shoppers want information at their fingertips, by scanning the QR-code product information, sizes/options, rating & reviews are presented in the app right in store.

Image recognition allows the shopper to see more information about a product just by holding up the phone to it. Should the shopper need more information or help, he/she can alert staff via a button in the app.

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Expert Help at Any Time

By notifying staff with the right knowledge base to a specific customer, you move from a traditional sales man to an expert in trust.

Nevertheless, timing is everything. So the staff is only sent there when the shopper has been in one place for the optimal amount of time. Expertise and timing, to give the shoppers the best service and experience possible.

For customers logged on to the loyalty app, the staff can see the activity and past purchases, to give them a personalized service and recommend other products this specific customer may be interested in.



Payments on the Shop Floor

Avoid queues and stay current by expanding your payment offering.

For customers with memberships in the loyalty app, products can be scanned and payed for there.

Staff in store are all able to take payments directly in their staff app. 


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Pick-up on demand

A great way to bring the customer back to the store is to offer them free delivery to the store, “Buy online and pickup in store.”

The customer simply places the order online, once the product is delivered to the safe a notification with a QR-code is sent to the customer to pick it up.

The pickup boxes can be placed inside the store and/or outside for 24/7 pickup service.