Digitized In-Store Operations

The automized store without a backoffice is now

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Staff Planning

Plan the store’s staff and shifts directly in the app, and it will help you to optimize the days according to historical data and upcoming events.

The staff can sign up for shifts that are free on their own and notify a sick leave. In case of a sick leave, the manager is notified and a push notice for the open shift is automatically sent out to available staff.

Forget about the traditional check in and out processes to track your staffs’ clock. Enable them to check in and out automatically via Beacons or manually via the mobile application.

Stay on top of your business without needing an office. Directly in the app track your staffs’ time compared to the planned, approve pending hours and manage bonuses based on the KPIs.



Customer Assist

Boost up your sales force to become experts. Be sure your staff with the right knowledge base is helping the customers shopping in this area by add buttons throughout the store that the customers’ press for help, a notification is then sent out to the staff with appropriate expertise.

The more sophisticated method is to use heatmapping to notify appropriate staff when a shopper has been in one place for the optimal amount of time. Expertise and timing, to give the shoppers the best service and experience possible. For customers logged on to the loyalty app, the staff can see the activity and past purchases directly in their staff app, to give them a personalized service and recommend other products this specific customer may be interested in. Why not add a VIP-status to differentiate the best customers, and make sure they receive great service.

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Automized Operations

Run your business smoothly.

By separating the store’s day into phases such as - pre-open, open, post-open and closed - you can automate processes by phase. For example, when the store enters pre-open mode the lights are 70% strength and no music is played. Once the store enters open mode the music starts to play and light strength is at maximum



Cashier Free Store

Avoid queues and stay current by expanding your payment offering. For customers with memberships in the loyalty app, products can be scanned and payed for there. Staff in store are all able to take payments directly in their staff app preferably on their iPad mini.

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Mobile Product Information

By scanning the QR-code or using image recognition the staff very quickly find more information about each product, and share manuals and further pdfs with the customers via mail or text. In case the customer wants to buy it directly, just hit Sell!



Handle Pick-up on Demand

During the day notifications for each pickup in store order in stock can be sent out for staff in store to handle. The first staff member to take action on the task clicks on ‘I will handle’, and the notification disapears for the other staff.  



Management of Contractors

Monitor visits to your stores and stay on top of who is onsite. By tracking your suppliers' arrival and departure times, the accumulated time spent on the premises can be compared with received invoices. Self-registration at a touch screen means staff do not have to manage visitors and can focus their attention on the customers.

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Sales Analytics

Know your customer.

Actionable data like conversion rate, is easily accessible anytime, anywhere, so you can make quick and business-aligned decisions.

Maybe even more interesting, get to really know your customer. Who chooses to come into the store, and who walks by? Are most customers reoccurring or new?

Knowing this will help you understand your customer and the store.

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