Gunnebo One-Time Code

Create flexible access to your safes without compromising the security level


Increasing the flexibility in store without compromising the security level can easily be achieved with Gunnebo One-Time Code. The solution enables you to generate a code in the app, from anywhere in the world or just your office, to be used only once by the receiver. This way your selected staff can support your work when you are not available. Thereby, increasing your flexibility and efficiency. 



Increased staff flexibility


Maintained security level


Trackable backlog


Key Features


One-time code

Code is generated to unlock the safe, after one use or exceeded timeframe the code is unvalid.



Track the activity at the safe by following-up who opened it, and when.



Integrable to the CCTV- and cash management solution to set up rules when opening safe.



Create and recieve the one-time code directly in the app, available for Android and iPhone.

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Flexibility without compromising your security

Flexibility is part of the journey towards a streamlined store, but only to the extent that the security level is not gambled. To successfully create a flexible environment for you and your staff Gunnebo One-Time Code is key. Using the app, staff with access to the safe can grant access to another staff member (by choice) with a one-time code. The receiving staff member can only access the safe once and within the time-frame of the valid code. Consequently, staff members with access to the safe do not  need to be physically available for each opening, creating a more flexible work environment. 



Grant access only when actually needed

Smart security enable a flexible work environment with a contained high security level. An integration between your cash management solution and the connected lock, will let the safe know when there is a need to open the safe. Only then can it be opened with the one time code. To advance the security level and ease of follow-ups, an integration with your surveillance system can let you take a snap shot from every opening. Consequently, you know that the safe is only accessed when necessary, to prevent internal loss, and you can find a snapshot from each access in the app. 

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