Gunnebo Online Pickup Solution

Streamline the pickup of orders in your store to stay competitive 

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Retailers are becoming increasingly focused on creating an omnichannel experience for their customers. One solution that has emerged to bridge the gap between the physical and digital shopping experience is to offer the customers to buy online and pick up the order in-store. This solutions is also a way for "bricks and mortar" stores to differentiate themselves from the online competitors. A favored solution that according to research is of high demand from the customers. Consequently, the retailers that decide not to provide this service to their customers may be at risk to fall behind.  

As more retailers shift their price focused strategies to actually creating convenience for their customers, it has become more important than every to connect with the customers through multiple channels and arenas. A natural step towards to do so, is to encourage customers to come back to the physical stores with a click and collect order method. Gunnebo Order Pickup Tool enable you to handle these orders effectively.   


Increased customer experience




Save staff and customer 3 min/pickup


Key Features


License plate recognition

At the arrival of a car its license plate is registered by the camera, matched with the applicable pickup and a push-notice is sent to staff.


Notification upon arrival

When a customer parks a push-notification with its name and pickup details is sent to staff, streamlining the process.



Your staff don't have access to a smartphone? No problem. Integrate to your DECT phones to receive the push-notification there.


Count down

Each handled order pickup is timed with a count down to always achieve quick deliveries and to motivate staff.


Live statistics

Be confident that your store's pickups are handled quickly and according to plan with live statistics.




Monitor and receive push-notifications from anywhere in the app, available for Android and iPhone.

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Streamlined process to increase the profitability

To move from a traditional shopping experience to offer the customers new shopping methods can be challenging for retailers. Routines and processes that worked before are questioned and some forced to change. To succeed with the Order Pickup service, its crucial to implement a streamlined process that enable staff to offer the customers great and quick service, and in the meantime, create a profitable business for the retailer. Gunnebo Order Pickup Tool enable you to do so!



Increased customer engagement to your store

As the market conditions change and the traditional physical stores are challenged, it has become more difficult for retailers to keep the customers engaged. Our tip, don't be a bystander but evolve with the market and listen to your customers' needs. By shifting the price focused strategies to creating convenience for the customers, a solid step towards continuous customer engagement is taken. Take the step together with us.   


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Enhanced customer experience with effortless pickup

Shopping at the physical store is not always optimal and frankly not for everyone. It can be both time consuming and stressful to a already full calendar. By offering your customers to do their shopping at the comfort of their home and effortlessly pick it up when it best suits them, you quickly become an everyday hero. With Gunnebo Pickup Tool the customer don't even need to leave the warmth of their car during a pickup, they can simply lean back in the seat and let your staff do the work.