Gunnebo Supplier Manager

Track your suppliers to take control of your costs


Visitor management can look different at each site, however, one thing they mostly have in common is the lack of efficiency. In most cases visitors are directed to check in at the till. Consequently, staff are often occupied with registration of visitors instead of serving the customers, leading to longer queues and dissatisfaction. With Gunnebo Visitor Manager your visitors, suppliers and new employees can easily register themselves on their own instead of stealing time from the customers and staff. Enable your staff to be closer to the customer!



Increased customer experience


Professional impression 


In control of your business


Save staff 5 min/checked-in visitor


Manageable anytime anywhere


Follow-ups of suppliers


Key Features


Host notifications

Notifications to host via mail and/or sms when guests arrive, to optimize your time.


Document signing

Visitors can sign your NDA or other documents directly on the tablet during registration.


Badge printing

Badges help you distinguish who in your store is a visitor, supplier and customer.


Live phone book

All visitors in store are available to call, text or email thanks to the live phone book.



Integrable to your scanners at the self check-out area and access control system.



Manage your visits and visitors from anywhere in the app, available for Android and iPhone.

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Track your suppliers and pay only for the time spent

By tracking your suppliers' arrival and departure times, the accumulated time spent on the premises can be compared with received invoices, so you only pay for the right amount of time. The live phone book of all visitors in store, means their just a phone-call away. Practical in case a new task appears as the sufficient supplier is in store. 



Don't let visitors steal time from your actual customers

Visitors in stores can sometimes be difficult for staff to take care of, because it usually means that they at the time are unavailable for customers. Signing in can at times take long and customers suffer. A professional and practical solution to this is Gunnebo's visitor manager, that is fully self-serviced by the visitor it self. 

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More quality time with new staff and less on registration

Registration of new or temporary employees can be slow, complicated and unnecessary time consuming for both the managers and the employee, however, it does not have to be. With Gunnebo's visitor manager you are able to speed up the registration process, enabling you to spend more quality time on an introduction program.