Giving customers a modern and seamless experience through an unmanned store


Attract new customers


staff costs


Automised customer flow


How it works

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1. The customer downloads a smartphone app and scans a QR code for their face to be registered.

2. When the customer approaches the Gunnebo SpeedStile at the store entrance, it identifies them and lets them through.

3. The customer picks the desired products to shop and places in their bag.

4. When they have finished shopping, the customer stands at another Gunnebo SpeedStile in the payment area. An RFID module integrated into the SpeedStile FL gate, scans all their goods when they pass the aisle, registering the total cost.

5. Payment is taken automatically through the app when the customer's face is scanned at the exit gate. There are both shopping and non-shopping channels at the exit.


Key Features


Facial Recognition

All customers entering and exiting the store are first registered by integrated facial recognition.


RFID Integration

The SpeedStile has an RFID detector integrated to determine the customer's purchase.



The store can be managed from anywhere with the app, available for Android and iPhone.

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Lower manpower costs

Like, you too can slash store costs. Gunnebo's Unmanned Store Solution creates the opportunity to fully operate the store without any cashiers, enabling you to heavily reduce the number of staff - and with it, your costs.



Actionable data on the shopfloor

Be on top of the business anytime, anywhere with the Gunnebo app. In the app, data from the speed gates are presented allowing you to follow and analyse the flow rate, sales volume, conversion rates, etc. Actionable data which puts you in control!

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Ehanced customer experience has given its customers a modern and seamless experience through its unmanned store. The store aims to create a better customer experience and a buzz which attracts new customers. You too can broaden your customer base and improve the customer experience with the Gunnebo Unmanned Store Solution.