Gunnebo Validated Checkout

Secure your self-checkout area to decrease the need of staff


Every shopping trip ends at the checkout. Considering the high pressure on physical stores today, this last part of the journey has to meet the customers expectations. So what are the customer's expectations on the checkout? Costumers today highly value great service, simplicity and flexibility. Queues are disruptive to this and are a major contributing factor to dissatisfaction. Shopping should feel effortless!

Consequently, checkout areas need to become even more efficient and enable staff to focus on the customer. Gunnebo's Validated Checkout solution lets you do so by making sure only paying customers can exit, giving staff the time to help out the customers instead of focusing on the actual transactions. 



Increased customer experience


Optimized customer flow


Minimized queues


1 staff per checkout area


Key Features


Receipt validation

Scanned receipts with a successful payment, within reasonable time, that have not been used before or at any other Gunnebo site are validated to exit. 


Gate options

Gunnebo Validated Checkout Solution gives you the flexibility to choose between traditional gates to more design friendly Speedstiles.



Integrable to Gunnebo Visitor Manager, to enable exit for visitors via the self checkout area, and to your access control system.


Smart gate

Upgrade your gate to be able to monitor and control it from Gunnebo's app.



Monitor the customer flow at the self checkout area via the app, available for iOS and Android.


Enable your paying customers to exit effortlessly

You want your customers shopping experience to feel effortless and your store to give a seamless impression. At the same time you want to prevent shoplifters from leaving the store with unpaid goods. Gunnebo Self Checkout Solution enables your customers to exit the self checkout area through the gate simply by validating their receipt in the scanner. A walk in the park for a paying customer yet an obstacle for the shoplifter. 



Minimize the queues to get recurring customers

Ques can infect the whole shopping experience for your customers and prevent them from leaving your store with a smile on their faces. To get happy and recurring customers minimizing queues need to be at focus. Gunnebo Self Checkout Solution enable a safe zone where customers can process their payments without a cashier. Consequently, more customers can pay simultaneously and ques are minimized.   

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Staff manager 2.png

Less staff per payment to optimize your business

A self-serviced checkout area allows more than one purchase per cashier at a time. More transactions are possible with less staff than traditionally. With Gunnebo Validated Checkout Solution you can be sure that your paying customers get through the checkout area seamlessly, but, the shoplifters stay inside. Consequently, staff at the checkout area can focus on the customers instead of looking for the fraud and no guards are needed. Less staff and happier customers - too good to be true?